24 things i learned in 2021

if im being honest, i wasn’t sure if i wanted to write this at all. this past year was so hard that it just seems like it’d be too hard to write about it at all. but, this year i proposed something new to myself- to write something every day. and i thought that id… Continue reading 24 things i learned in 2021


comfortable silences.

why is it that when a moment ends we begin to feel all of it? i've spent half of my early 20's stuck in a lockdown. summers i'd imagined strolling down central park testing out my film camera and finding new hidden coffee shops are now a mixture of choosing which fan to buy because… Continue reading comfortable silences.


if you're new here- at the end of the year i always write a post about whatever i think i learned throughout that year. for whatever reason i chose the number 24. don't ask me why because i don't have an answer for you. i don't have much of an answer for anything these days… Continue reading 24×24